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Create Steadiness in Your Body and Mind
With Alignment-Based, Gentle Hatha Yoga

NEW: Monthly In-Person Workshops

A new topic or posture clinic on the first Saturday of every month. Includes a full yoga practice.

June 1 - Working with the Bandhas: The three (or four) diaphragms

July 6 - Posture clinic - Downward-facing dog

August 3 - TBD

11:30am-1:30pm EST

$40 for one, $35 each for three, $30 for four or more.

Located at TaRa Institute in Valley Cottage, NY.

Contact me at to sign up.

Tap Into A Well of Resources Within You

Access your physical and mental strength, curiosity, resilience, and stillness. 

Practice yoga with calm, internal awareness and bring more mindfulness to all your life.

Have a deep, meaningful and true yoga experience without risking injury.

To explore yoga safely and not injure ourselves, we need to develop strength in good form. Julie emphasizes proper positioning, setting us up for alignment on and off the mat, so we can enjoy freedom of movement as we age.

Explore Yoga with a Dancer’s Playful, Graceful Flow 

Each week Julie explores a new theme related to yoga philosophy, images from nature, or lessons from the body. Her years as a professional dancer gives Julie a deep understanding of the body and brings a creative and natural flow to her classes.


"I love your teaching style, Julie!  So rich with details that make the simplest poses and movements become interesting!

   - Trudi L., Zoom classes, Chicago, IL

“Your class yesterday felt like a homecoming.  Not just the calm, but the deep body awareness, and how it changed the whole rest of my day.  And the love you exude along with expertise.”

   - Dru P., Zoom classes, Nyack, NY

"One of the things that I love about yoga is that it doesn’t matter how long you have been doing it, the goal stays the same…. the main goal is to keep you calm, centered, grounded and healthy."

   - Jamal G., BCC student, Bronx, NY

“Julie! Jack and I both loved your class this morning so much. Both of us have been in pain lately because we have been sanding floors for more than a month. Our bodies felt so good after the class and still do! Excited to keep doing them. I cant wait to see you in person again but for now.. dayenu!!!!

   - Tika S., Zoom class,  Atlanta, Georgia

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